PVC Spiral Supply offers filament to meet all of your coil manufacturing needs. Our high quality filament is offered in many diameters from 0.050″ to 0.175″ other custom diameters are also available at your request just give us a call.

Standard sizes

Inches (mm) Coil Diameter 4:1 pitch
0.063 (1.6) 6mm-9mm
0.070 (1.8) 10mm-12mm
0.075 (1.9) 13mm-17mm
0.083 (2.1) 18mm-23mm
0.093 (2.4) 24mm-35mm
0.103 (2.6) 38mm-50mm


Our plastic filament is CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008) Compliant, and Phthalate and Lead Free.

The Benefits of Round Profile Filament over Elliptical filament:

Standard round Filament has an equal amount of space on all sides of the coil as it passes through the round punched holes with less drag for Faster insertion and higher productivity.


PVC Spiral Supply will provide you with filament on recyclable spools to fit your coil forming machine. We offer spools to match your machine holding 25 to 50 pounds of filament.


PVC Spiral Supply has over 40 colors available. We will match your custom color to most any PantoneĀ® PMS color. Our color possibilities are endless.

Colors displayed on your screen may not reflect actual color. PMS color matching is available. Please contact us for details.

Standard Colors

Special Order Colors

Special Request Colors

Special request colors are being discontinued. Call for availability